Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well I THINK I have nearly done the Christmas shopping, just a couple of things left to get, its always the hard ones that get left to the end.
I am 4 days into my last minute advent swap, and I am so thrilled with the gifts I have received, Ginger has done me proud with her selection.
Work has been busy, I have been all over the place doing all sorts of meetings with managers and members. Tomorrow we have even more of the same plus its been cold and miserable, I would like to stay at home!!
Today I had to spend some time looking for a white overall for Beth to wear in her school play, I finally tracked one down (thanks to Dougie in Scientific Services)and tonight I spent some time flattening it with a cool iron. Should be interesting to see what the play is like in the morning !!
Its nice to have a clear craft table, the shame is my mojo has been tidied away with the rubbish.

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suebaru said...

Hope Beth's play went well!