Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Well our garden is finally tree free, I admit to having a pang of regret having them removed, but its for the greater good. The fence is up and the stumps have been removed. The garden is covered in sawdust but I expect that will disappear over time. The grass is looking pathetic mainly due to lack of rain!
We have decided that we want a border so that I can grow cottage flowers and lavender to attract the bees. We will have to dig something into the soil as its been supporting trees for the past 30 years!!
I power washed the trampoline to get rid of all the sap, so we are all set for bouncing and soaking up the sun.

We have had some great weather over the past few days and last night we sat in the garden and saw some spectacular cloud formations.

I think this is called a Mackerel sky.

We have noticed that without the trees its a whole lot brighter and the sun stays right into the evening. We still have a lot to do out there including trying to disguise the god awful wheelie bins.

Today is the day that Carl starts his African adventure. I am very apprehensive about this trip I suppose because it is to a continent I have no understanding of and it doesn't feel as developed as a lot of the places he has been. He has been preparing himself physically for a while so I am hoping the trip up Kilimanjaro won't be too painful! There has been a last minute rush to sponsor him, so I would like to say a big thank you to all of you  who have supported him so far and would like to do a last minute call out to all those people who have been thinking about sponsoring but haven't got around to it, its not too late please take a look at his just giving page  The total to date stands at £1,115 .

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