Monday, August 15, 2011

Lots to do......

This weekend I seem to have been non stop busy but I have not very much to show for it. This morning we hit Stevenage and bought bits from Poundland, home bargains and Dunelm Mill. I have put it all away and now have tomorrow to pack everything up in preparation to our few days break.
I have finished the washing and tomorrow it will be go go go!!!
We are still having summery weather so Beth has been down the pool again. Its like having her own personal pool !! She loves it there!!

Yesterday we went to see mum, she was very happy and upbeat, she is going home on Thursday and is really looking forward to that. While she has been in hospital she has made friends with the lady in the next bed, Shirley. She is a lovely lady who had a stroke. Her family are lovely as well and Mum and Shirley have been good for each other. Sadly during the week Shirley was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, which was a terrible shock for everyone. There have been lots of tears all around. Shirley is going home tomorrow, she wants to go home even though she is not really well enough to go. She lives with her son who has got things sorted for her. I wish her well. 
During the day I have been trying to book up our girls weekend away in December. Its proving to be very difficult!!! We wanted to go to one of the Christmas markets. The one in Jersey sounded brilliant, so I found a nice hotel which was reasonable, the ferry was a non starter as they only do overnight crossings in December. So I looked at the flights, Luton would have been perfect and Stansted good, but they reduce the flights to three times a week in the winter. So I looked at Gatwick they have the flights but as always the prices quoted are nothing like the final price. The price looked like it was going to be £60 each but by the time you added on all the different 'additions' we were looking at £97 each!!!So that priced it out of the market, so Madeline if you are reading this, we are having a big rethink and may return to plan A, which is Lille. We just need to decide which hotel!!!!

Carl is down the mountain and we have had a few text messages from him. He will be chilling out now in Nairobi recovering from his climb. He is obviously missing my home cooking as he has asked me to make him some of 'specials' strawberry jelly's!!! That's what its like when you are a first class chef like me!!!!

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Raymonde said...

Nice to catch up with your news. Have a great holiday. xxx