Tuesday, August 02, 2011

He has left the country!!!

This afternoon I took Carl to Heathrow airport, getting ready to go did not go without incident. Because he has a climb as part of the trip, he needs to take the right gear including boots, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, he also needs warm gear and safari gear. So at lunch time he had realised that one suitcase was not enough and we didn't have a suitable second case (for that what he meant was that he wasn't prepared to take my black case covered in red cherries!!) So Tina came to the rescue and loaned him one.

When I got home to collect him, he had both bags packed but one was over weight and one was under so we had a bit of fiddling to do to get them equal. It has been so hot that we were both dripping by the time we had finished.

We headed off and we were  less than a mile from home when his traveling companion called to say he had arrived and was waiting in the terminal!! We were lucky and managed the whole journey without a single hold up on the M25 (not the same could be said for my return journey!!)

So I was very good, I said goodbye and never shed a tear this time!! I am getting much better at this.
I still snuck a photo or two!!!

So here he is with Keith's Backpack, My purple case and Tina's red and black case!!
He refused to look back at me.Little sod!!

There he is disappearing into the terminal just a flash of red t shirt.
His flight was due to leave at 8pm but in the end didn't leave until 8.30pm I tracked it out of Heathrow on the computer and watched until it went into French airspace. I hope all goes well and that he has a good time.
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored him, the total now stands at £1145 !!

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