Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Great Weather Continues.

This past week the weather has been fantastic, really hot and lovely. Its been ages since we have had such a lovely run of weather. Today was Mums birthday, 78 years young, so we decided to take her out for lunch at The Beehive Pub.Laura wasn't feeling too well so she wasn't able to make it. Beth had a shift at work so it was just the five of us.We had a lovely Carvery meal, turkey in July, you can't beat it!! I am afraid my eyes were bigger than my belly and I had a bit left over!! They were very kind and put it all in tin foil for Hunny, who was very pleased that I had a little present for her!!

When we got back we popped in for a cuppa and a slice of birthday cake.

The weekend off got off to a great start, we went out for the evening with our friends Rick and Dina, we hadn't seen them for ages and they live so close so there is no excuse really!!! We had a  ticket that we won on a quiz night earlier in the year, so we used that. In the end we all had a main course and three puddings between four of us, it worked out around £2.50 each for the food!! (We split the outstanding amount!) Bargain!!!

Yesterday we had our friends the Jackson's around for a pre holiday planning meeting (or a barbecue!!) Here I am wearing my Disney outfit! Last time we went we all dressed in matching T shirts with our adopted names on the back - Shandy, Randy, Brandy, Candy, Andy, Dandy, Mandy and Sandy!!!!! This time I have found some T shirts in the Primark sale so this year we will have matching back in the day shirts!!
We finished the evening off with a couple of rounds of the saucepan game, its funny how it gets funnier and harder to play when you have had a few drinks!!
Sadly the weather is due to break this week, the forecast is for storms mid week so we had better make the most of what we have left.
Have a great week!!

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