Monday, June 13, 2011

A Strange weekend.

This weekend has been frustrating to say the very least. Last Thursday we started to have problems with our Internet connection. It was off more than it was on and it was annoying beyond belief!!! I called their status line and they said they had a problem in our area and they were anticipating repair 'soon'. Here we are four days on and its still more off than on. Virgin have promised a rebate but not having it has had a huge impact on our weekend.
Beth has been unable to do her homework research so I will have to write her a note. It was homework that could only be done online so she has been stuck.
I wanted to look up some bits and pieces for projects I have on the go. That didn't happen. I wanted to share some photos with my friend Madeline and that was difficult. Its amazing how much you rely on the Internet and just how much you miss it when its not there.
Just when you think things could get no worse, the Sky box in the living room gave up the ghost. Poor Tom faced with a TV with nothing to watch. It seems he will have to watch back to back 'New Tricks' until they can install a new box on Friday next week.
We have been in to see Mum and tonight she was in fine form, she is very pleased with herself as she has been out of bed and had a shower and hair wash, this is the first hair wash in six months!!! I hope the drains were ready for the onslaught!!! She is very positive at the moment and she was very happy tonight.
Dad is feeling better after his surprise couple of nights in hospital last week. He is recovering well.

I still have photos to sort out and I have spent a little bit of time scrapping this weekend which has been nice. I have had the latest lot printed so will be tackling them soon. We took this photo in Stavenger  Tom so wanted it to say SluttSlag!!! It was nearly there!

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