Thursday, November 04, 2010

Home Again.

We are home and within minutes it feels like we have never been away!!
We had a good flight home, seemed to pass quickly, I think it was something to do with the interactive TVs which had a built in games console which kept us all busy. None of us was able to sleep on the plane which was a nuisance because once we arrived back we were exhausted and faced a drive home on a day where there was a train strike.
The M25 was closed at a junction near to our home so we had to go the other way around it which added to the journey, but we eventually got home at lunch time. I put the first load of washing on and then went to bed for an hour or two. When I got up I felt a little better and just got cracking with all the sorting out. Its a  mega job just getting that done let alone sorting the rest of the house out. I have now put away all my new craft buys, done 6 loads of washing which has given the tumble dryer a good work out!! There is still a load to be done, but we are plodding trough it all.
Yesterday I had a lovely surprise, my neighbour and friend Karen welcomed us home with one of her famous home made Victoria sandwiches, Yum!! I was so tired yesterday I never even tried it, but today I will.
So back to the laundry and the scrubbing in preparation for going back to work tomorrow  :(

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