Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not Long until Christmas

Its official, its nearly Christmas!!! I have done absolutely nothing in preparation apart from make my Christmas Cards. I suppose that's not too bad then. I am determined to try and keep costs down this year in light of the recession and loss of pay at work. I have enough equipment to enable me to make some nice Jewelery for my friends and family so I think I will be going down that route. I might start NOW!!!!!
Disney this year was full of Halloween stuff but if you looked carefully there was plenty of Christmas stuff on the shelves.
I really liked these baubles, but I couldn't justify spending $11 on ONE, they were made of glass so the chances of getting them home in one piece was remote. None the less they are pretty and they came in loads of lovely colours.
I have finished downloading all my photos and will have to start the Marathon job of deciding which ones to scrap after I have photo shopped them!! I really need to get my new craft station ordered so that I can find space to work its all such a mess at the moment.
Its quite depressing coming home in the afternoon after work in the dark, we are really in the dark days now and tomorrow they have forecast gales and heavy rain. Button down the hatches!!!!


Jenn Jilks said...

I always sent Christmas cards after Christmas! Whatthehell. You find time where you can!
It's not about the trapping of the season. It's about the spirit. Love yourself.
Give a goat!

suebaru said...

I loved the Disney baubles but as you say, a bit expensive! I'm sure we could rustle up something similar ourselves!

domestic goddess said...

we bought a mickey mouse bauble, i could have spent a fortune on xmas decs in florida!