Friday, April 29, 2011

It just keeps happening.

Yesterday Mum finally had her operation, went down early, had a general and then into recovery all by 11am. Dad had called a couple of times and all seemed to be going well, up until the point they told him she was in surgery again. I then heard from my brother so I called the hospital and they said that she had been in recovery when she had another big bleed and required a further operation. Poor dad was in a bit of a state so we had to go into the hospital until we were sure she was back. She got late afternoon. Spoke to the surgeon who said there was no single point of bleeding but lots of little ones, they had sealed as many as they could and have now packed out the wound and will try negative vacuum pressure pump to encourage healing. When we saw her last night she was disorientated by the drugs and when Dad told her to leave her oxygen mask on, she said 'who asked you Doctor Bob'!!!!  All she was worried about was not missing the Royal Wedding! I have checked with her and she has watched it on her little TV this morning.
We are going to have 'tea' with Carl and his girlfriend, plus some friends. We have decided to wear Red White and Blue and home made hats. I have made some crowns, Hunny is getting into the Royal Wedding spirit, Carl painted her claws red and she is wearing a red football top.

Congratulations to William and Catherine!!

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