Sunday, May 01, 2011

Feel Good Factor.

This weekend has been dominated by the Royal Wedding. I am still amazed at how many people celebrated and did something. The crowds in London were huge and estimates say that there was over a million people in central London and watching the event on big screens in Hyde Park. We have cleared up our garden but still have some bunting up on the trampoline. Talking of trampolines, Beth and Carl have been getting some mileage out of it, they have been bouncing around and playing a kind of volleyball on it. Beth posed for this beautiful picture!!!
Mum has had a rough couple of days, she was taken back to theatre yesterday to have a central line put in. They have been having a terrible job getting blood into her because her veins keep collapsing, so it was back for the line to be fitted. She is really fed up with everything and who can blame her. She asked for me to take her in a memento of the Wedding but I can't find a single thing in any of the local shops, I thought that there would be things like commemorative biscuit tins and that sort of thing, but nothing. I will have to keep looking.
Carl has decided that he will fly out to Amsterdam and stay for a week with us during the summer, easy jet are doing a return trip from Luton for around £60 so he has booked. Its a long time since all three kids have been on a caravaning holiday with us!!!
Roll on Summer!!!


Michelle said...

I hope your Mum is ok, you can get plates and mugs on ebay, you can even buy original programmes from the wedding.
Nightwear - Lingerie - Pyjamas - knickers

Jenn Jilks said...

Yay, summer! Mosquitoes have awakened!