Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Step Closer..

Today Mum has made a step forward, she has been moved out of her cosy bay on Lemsford ward and into a new ward in The Princes wing. This new ward is a step forward as this is the place that you go to have more physiotherapy, intensive physiotherapy. Last time she never made it into this ward, they decided that she would never be able to learn to walk in the short amount of time that they were prepared to allow and bundled her off to the QVM.

So she had just been transferred when we arrived and it was all a bit strange for her. She has been on the same ward for nearly eight weeks and now she is starting over again, getting to know the staff and getting to know the new routines. On the plus side she is in a bed near to her friend Mary who transferred to Princes to weeks ago. I expect they will be able to swap hospital stories!! Mary has already told us that she now can get up everyday so that is perfect inspiration for Mum.

Mum is still on anti biotics, but the wound has not bled for about 4 days. There are still 4 clips to be taken out but all in all I am pleased that she has taken a huge step forward!!

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Jenn Jilks said...

Good news. Take care.