Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On The Way.

After a day where the car was in dry dock while they tried to decide what was wrong with it we were faced with a trip to the airport in Tom's car. The Megane is a nice car, but its not big on rear passenger space and the boot space is also restricted. Add to that the problems with changing the headlight bulbs (you have to remove the wing to get at the bulb) I was not looking forward to cramming us all into the car. Anyway we braved the traffic on the M25 and headed for Heathrow airport right in the middle of the evening rush hour!
There was plenty of traffic, but for the main we kept bowling along until we arrived at a very packed drop off point for Terminal three. I was having a hard time staying cheerful, on the one hand I am pleased that he has the confidence and get up and go to get to book himself a holiday half a world away, on the other hand its always wrench when they walk away. So we said our good byes and I sneaked a shot......
So there he goes heading off into the departure lounge with his bags looking forward to his adventure in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. I managed to see him off without shedding a tear.
When I down loaded the photo and looked a little closer at it he was performing true to form....
Bless !!! Pulling his usual 'Dur' face!!!!
His flight finally took off at 22.42 and due to the wonders of the modern Internet I can track his flight to the destination and even order a text alert to tell me when he has arrived. I really hope he has a great time but I also hope he doesn't love it so much that he moves away!!!

Today I had an email from the cruise company to say that they had been advised that the repair to the liner was well underway and they were planning to have it all up and running by the time we are due to leave, so more finger crossing is in order!!! While we are crossing fingers think of my poor car that is suffering from a 'flange' defect (?????) here's hoping the flange is repaired asap!!

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