Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buddy the Pigeon!!!

For around the past month or so we have had a very curious visitor, a pigeon that we have called Buddy. We are not sure if Buddy is a male or female, but we think 'he' may well be one of the birds born in the tree in the garden last year. He has been hanging around for some while, he always appears to be hungry and has even tried to eat the fat balls left out for the blue tits!!
Last week he went one step beyond and flew into the house, as bold as anything he sat on the back of the sofa and waited. Beth was more than a bit worried and locked him in the conservatory. By the Tom got in there Buddy was behind the sofa and he didn't seem to be in any hurry to run away!
Tom in the end encouraged him to fly out with the aid of a broom!!
So birds flying into a house is considered to be good luck particularly if they escape unscathed!
Because of his unusual appearance, he has a white dot on the left of his neck, we have seen him back looking for food, there are a few pigeons around, but he is the only one with the single spot. So we'll have to see if he comes back again next year.

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