Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Nearing resolution.

Yesterday Keith and I had another meeting at the QVM hospital in an effort to sort out the complaint that we made to them when Mum was resident a couple of months ago. We made our complaint they had a meeting with us and listened to what we had to say. We then waited for them to reply to us in writing addressing the points raised. That never happened despite us chasing things up it went into a big black hole of nothing. That was until we asked our MP, Grant Shapps to take up the case on our behalf.
As soon as he sent them a letter things started to move, there was a lot of back pedalling and yesterday we met with them again to allow them to explain how the whole process had gone wrong. They are unable to keep track on complaints so they simply don't try to. If they are not continually chased up they stop and move onto something more exciting instead. Yesterday they presented us with a list of things that they have changed to address the problems that Mum had in there. They range from asking staff what they think they could do to improve (that came back as address the lack of staff) They are now listening to what patients say, so if they say they do not feel well then that is perfectly acceptable they will not feel forced into doing something that they don't feel well enough to do. They have a more integrated approach to care with the physios forming part of that after all washing and getting up is a physical activity and will aid recovery. Finally they will now tailor a recovery plan to each patient based on their requirements and not what they think their requirements are. So if you have never run a marathon what is the point in trying to get you fit enough to run one now??? In mums case she needed to be able to walk enough to get her home, not climb stairs as she is never going to have to climb stairs! So as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, it is very likely that Mum will end up back there once the QE2 has finished with her. Lets see if they do as they have promised!!!!
I would also like to thank Sue for obtaining a souvenir Royal Wedding Plate for Mum, she obviously knows all the best shops!!! Thanks Sue.

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