Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Beads!!!

Last weekend I was on a roll bead wise and I managed to do something I had not done before, I made two beads on a single mandrel. I only have seven BIG mandrels so by doubling up I was able to make enough beads for two necklaces. The problem is keeping the first bead warm enough while making the second, you have to keep sticking it back in the flame. I got quicker and braver as the session went on. I was in the end able to make the beads quite close together. I even managed FOUR plain beads on one mandrel. After they had been cooked in the kiln I only lost one which broke so I am more than happy with that experiment!!!

These are made from dark ivory glass with silver brown decoration.
These are made from dark ivory and turquoise, with a small touch of black.

Carl is now in Australia, I have heard that he is or possibly has climbed the Sydney Bridge, which looks again like too much hard work to me!! He is also going to go Whale watching before he moves onto New Zealand. He seems to be enjoying himself. Wish it was me!!!

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Sue said...

Let me know if you are selling hun - they are gorgeous!!