Friday, May 13, 2011

Le Weekend!!!

The above photo is for my friend Karen, she is an Ace Baker and I was telling her about another friend (Anna) who has made this cake for her daughters birthday. It looks stunning and if there is a baker who can pull it off, its Karen!! So take a look at this BLOG full of great cake ideas!!

My week has been a strange and somewhat difficult one. Mum has had good and bad days in equal parts. She has been out of bed just about every day and on one day they even hoisted her to her feet and she stood for the first time in 7 weeks. Once upright she was able to move her good right leg, but not the left left , still its good progress and we keep reminding her of that. Just when we feel that we have got her boosted up again and keen to fight on, the lady in the next bed passed away during the night. Its terribly sad, she had been ill and we saw her go down hill in front of our eyes. The problem with her passing away is that it has an effect on everyone else in the bay its all very sad.

So here we are staring another weekend in the face, I have lots I want to do, but no doubt I won't get any of it done!!! Happy Weekend!!!

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