Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful Flowers!

Since Tom has been a house husband he has been able to spend more time looking after the garden. He is gradually getting there, his weed identification skills are improving. His greatest success is the clematis planted against the side fence. He has spent ages nurturing them, trimming them and generally looking after them. He has been rewarded by a couple of stunning plants bearing beautiful blooms. If he keeps at it they should flower on and off throughout the summer!
I, on the other hand love roses. This year the front of the house is covered in roses. We have a fragrant bush of pink Roses that smell glorious. The bush has been there for a few years and I am not sure what it is called anymore. Growing along side is a purple clematis but this year that has been overtaken by the roses.

In the other corner growing up over the porch is a dark red Dublin Bay Rose. It is a glorious rose with almost luminous flowers. I am not usually a lover of red roses but this one is exceptional.....

It really stands out and I hope with careful dead heading we will have flowers all summer. We have lavender planted underneath, so I am looking forward to some warm weather and the fragrance hanging in the summer air!
To end with I would like to thank the low life who stole our planter from the front garden last night, they obviously didn't know what to do with it, so the needlessly smashed it on the pavement. We have rescued and replanted the plant. The pot is now safe in the back garden .
I hope that their collective fingers fall off and that they suffer from crabs for the rest of their life!!!!

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