Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What have I done???????

I feel some what under pressure at the moment, I am pretty certain that I must have done something bad to bring down all this 'poop' on me!!
Last year we booked to take a cruise with Mum and Dad, due to Mums fall they had to drop out leaving Tom, Beth and I to take the trip. We have been looking forward to it for the past year. Well today with around 10 days to go I woke up to the news that the ship we have chosen, the MSC Opera was adrift without power. There were plans to recover her to a Swedish port to try and effect the repairs. as the day went on passengers were flown home from Stockholm and it has been reported that the cruise company has refunded the cruise cost in full and given the passengers a 30% discount on future cruises. The ship this afternoon has returned with the assistance of tug boats to Southampton where they are going to repair her. The cruise due to leave tomorrow has been cancelled. Ours is the next cruise due. Our travel agents tell us that they will contact us if it becomes a problem that they can't fix. I can't believe it (said in my very best Victor Meldrew voice)
Still reeling from the ship situation, I was on the way back from Watford when the car started to play up, it kept cutting out. I limped back to work and called the recovery people. The mechanic arrived and told me that the flange in the ball socket was full of oil (???) and as far as he could see a complete rebuild of the engine was in order. Well that news thrilled me, no holiday and a new engine what more could a girl ask for??? Anyway eventually he towed us into the garage where our usual mechanic sat in the car and listened to it wheezing and spluttering like it smoked 500 fags a day. He said that a complete engine rebuild would not be required, he knew what the problem was and he would fix it in the morning!! I am quietly assuming that if he thinks he can fix it in the morning then it won't be mega expensive, but who knows!!!
So I am feeling like a huge jinx everything I touch turns to poop, step away from the jinx NOW!!!!!!

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Jenn Jilks said...

I am firmly convinced that fate is taking care of you, rather than the opposite! Go with the flow. Deep breath!