Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving on....With a Little Help From My Friends!!!!!

This week has passed in a bit of a blur. I have been working and then afterwards we have had something to do each evening. This has made the week fly by.
Carl seems to be having fun in Hong Kong, its definitely a place I would like to go to now that I have heard from him and I am happy that he is OK. He has posted a few photos on face book to prove he is there!!!

He posted this one on the afternoon he arrived, the taxi had its own supply of lucky bamboo and very lucky goldfish!!!! Very odd.
Today he has been to a building called the Peak which has fantastic views over Kowloon harbour.

I am very envious of him!

Last night I had a much needed evening with my 'girlfriends' we had a Chinese and a catch up. Madeline is recovering after her hip replacement. She really seems to be doing well. We had a real laugh and we were both crying over certain incidents!!! Sue had a belated birthday present from me and Sandra treated us all to a rendition of 'With a little help from my friends' A charity recording of the song performed for cancer research by the staff of Barclay's Bank. It wasn't half bad and Sandra even managed to get her famous catch phrase in right at the end -'Oh I say' !!!! I will buy a copy its got blackmail potential!!!!

So tonight was the first night in hospital to visit mum for 4 days we walked into her crying and in a dreadful state. It seems that today she had been out of bed in her chair for 7 hours and she was fed up and said she didn't want to go on. He leg is much better no bleeding or weeping and essentially dried up and ready to go. Mum is being firmly encouraged to get herself mobile but she has lost all confidence and seems to give up at the slightest hitch. She doesn't seem to be able to tell us why she can't make her legs work, its a combination of lack of confidence and pain in her knees. She hadn't told the staff about the pain so they have not given her extra pain killers. So its a vicious circle. What is certain is that if she doesn't somehow get it together she will not end up getting home and will end up in a nursing home. I am at a loss as to how I can encourage her to try. She seems unable to make the transition from patient to person who is able to make some effort to do things for herself. I hope this is something that we can overcome :(

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Jen said...

Poor mum :( I'm so sorry, I've no words of wisdom. Hope mum can get home soon xxx