Sunday, May 22, 2011

Its Gone Again!!

This weekend has gone in a flash !! Why does that always happen??? Its been quite a productive one. I have been beading and because the weather has been so blustery I have been washing.  I managed to wash and dry all the bedding from Carl's room including quilt, under blanket and sheet and quilt case. Put them on the line and they were dry within the hour!!
I tried a new technique to make a glass topper for a ring. Its quite easy although I did make a mistake on a couple of them, I didn't allow the glass to drop down enough. That said I am very happy with the results!!!
I like this one it reminds me of peacock colours!
This one will go with my necklace!!

Yesterday Dad and I went into see Mum in the afternoon and we were not sure what we would walk into. She wasn't very happy but she was more determined to get out of there. We did some exercises with her and got her legs moving. She was sitting in her chair but I did them I think its the only way we can get her to concentrate and get cracking. Perhaps she has turned the corner.

I have heard from Carl today it seems that they are experiencing some terrible weather. He said that they have never seen rain like it. They are being battered by some big storms, thunder, lightening and winds. He text me to ask if I could look up the weather online as he thought they might be heading for a cyclone and the big worry was that they had booked an evening on a cruise across the bay. As it happens they were experiencing the wrath of tropical storm 'Songda' which was sweeping through the area. The weather info said they had issued a 'Red warning' for rain. I haven't been able to find out what that means, but it doesn't get any worse than a red warning!!! Carl says they have got some spectacular photos !! Sarah has said that they have found a fantastic Cath Kitson shop, I like a girl that has her priorities right!!!!

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