Sunday, May 08, 2011

Reflexology,Reiki and New Beads!

I am still trying to perfect making a heart shaped bead, I am finding it a bit difficult, I am not sure if its the press that  don't like or if its just that I am not cut out to make hearts. These I made yesterday and although they are getting better they are still not what I can see in my minds eye. I might sell the press and look at another shape heart.
I have also tried out button making and I like it!! I can see that this technique has lots of possibilities I made these yesterday and I now have lots of ideas about what I would like to make in this shape. Mind you it took ages to melt the glass yesterday so perhaps I had the regulator setting wrong.
I think its about time I made something with my beads so I have made a set of turquoise and ivory beads and I intend to clean them up and wear them 'pandora' style on a silver necklace with some silver spacers. I hope to sort that out later today.

Last night I went out with my friend Tina, we went to a holistic therapy place where they offered taster sessions of various therapies. I was booked in for reflexology, Reiki and tarot reading. There was also a talk on Feng Shui. It was a nice relaxing evening apart from the journey to and from the place. Tina was driving and she was talking and distracted. We went a fair distance out of our way to get there, but on the way back she excelled herself and we ended up going home via Enfield!!! I think we doubled our journey home.

So what were the therapies like?? Reflexology was was lovely, very relaxing and not at all ticklish which I was worried about. I would have that done again. Reiki was something I had never had, it originates in Japan and is channeled healing again very relaxing. I enjoyed that and felt quite relaxed afterwards. Its definitely something I will look at doing again. Tina had crystal healing and Hopi ear candles, so there is more to try next time!!


Sue said...

WOW I think they are all amazing!! Love those hearts. When does your store open?

Jen said...

Gorgeous beads, Lyzzy! As for those therapies, I heartily recommend them. Wayne and my sister both do Reiki, interestingly.... 'Tis lovely!

Florence and Mary said...

Lovely beads!

The therapies sound great, strangely for me as I love all that stuff I've never had reiki or anything!

Victoria xx