Monday, May 02, 2011

Celtic Harmony Camp

Today we decided to take a trip to The Celtic Harmony Camp in Brickendon they were celebrating Beltane festival. This is the beginning of Summer and celebrated by the Celts and nowadays the Pagans. We had often talked about going to this camp as it has interesting things going on, so it was nice to finally go while they were holding a festival.
The first thing we tried was Archery, we bought a bag of gold replica coins on our way in and paid with those. Beth had never had a go before and once she got her eye in she was good. On the way out we had another go and had a competition, we had 12 arrows each and the idea was to aim at the pig and the one with the most arrows in the kill area was the winner. I went first and my first shot glanced off the pigs nose and went into the nearby target, I missed with one shot but the other 10 all hit the target within the 'kill' area. It was a big challenge for Beth and although she did very well and scored quite a few hits, I won by a fair few. We might look into going to the Archery club they hold there.
Beth had a go at pot making and apple juice pressing.
We did weaving and made a Beltane Summer crown out of reeds and Ivy. We then had lunch at possibly the slowest cafe in the world. They had advertised a hog roast but the kitchen was under pressure, the queue moved at a minus speed. We gave our order after the people in front but they got their buns after us!! They were so disorganised! The rolls were nice and we sat under an oak tree taking in the village green with the Maypole and story tellers. The weather was lovely and you almost felt like you were back in old England leaving presents for the Fairies in the woods.
There were pens with farm animals, baby chicks and sheep and goats. This owl was by the Apple presses, it seemed remarkably calm and people were able to approach and touch him. When I tried to take a photo he was a bit camera shy and turned his head!.
It has been a lovely day.
Mum went down for another opeation on her leg this morning and we are still waiting to hear back from the hospital to see how it went. She was a bit down yesterday as the lady who had been in her bay since she went into hospital nearly seven weeks ago has been moved to the Princes wing, which means she is one step away from home good news for her, but Mum had struck up a friendship with her so that will be a loss.
Can't believe its back to work tomorrow. :(

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