Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

We have planted the Christmas tree in the living room so its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Tom got the boxes of decorations out of the loft and we were a bit shocked to find that a few things had been nibbled!! So it looks like we may well have a mice up there again. I think that they get up the cavity wall into the loft. We haven't heard anything but there was definite evidence that they were up there. A few years ago I made some lovely baubles for the tree which consisted of dried  kidney beans, lentils, split peas and raffia, I don't remember them on the tree last year but when I found them this year there wasn't much left!!! 
More annoying than that was the fact that we had a string of 500 outdoor lights and the little buggers had eaten right through the wire!!!So now we have treated the little mice to some special 'blue' Christmas dinner. Tom will have to check when we put the tree back that they have eaten it all.

This year I am a bit disjointed with my plans, I 'think' I have most everything I need, but my friends are inconsiderate, I have SIX with birthdays this week, they need to move them away from Christmas!!!
I am going to be brave and go to Stevenage tomorrow morning to pick a few bits I need for next week. 

I have been lucky and secured a Tesco delivery slot so the bulk of my shopping will be delivered, but I still need to organise myself to shop for each day that we have visitors!! 

Mum is still in hospital and they are trying to get the infection under control. All things considered she is in quite high spirits. She is able to settle down and read her book, being in a side room means she can concentrate on TV so its not all bad. I spoke to the Doctor yesterday and he said that the bone was now not growing as well as expected because of the infection. They are holding on for the anti biotics to kick in and once they have reached the best that they can they will operate and take the metal work out and give the whole wound a good wash out. Today things are turning, the wound has not leaked for the past 24 hours, so perhaps things are looking up. Fingers crossed !!!

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