Monday, December 19, 2011

Festive Woof!!!

Where has the weekend gone?? We had a great night around Rick and Dinas, not seen them for a while we got there around 6.30 and before we knew it it was 1.30am!! There was much laughing (mainly at Dina and Hillary who were in combat over the 'rules' of a board game) It was very entertaining. 
The food was lovely and company great. When we left theirs in the early hours we had to content with ice and it was really icy and a lack of street lights, it was very hard to see where to go!! Now I have bought a torch
 to keep in my handbag just in case I am out after midnight again!!!
This week is a busy one, I have lots of nights out plus the arrival of my Tesco shop (I know how to live!!) A spanner in the works is that up until this morning Mum was going to be in hospital, they had said she could come home but there was no transport, without transport we can't get her in so didn't think it would happen. It seems they have done their rounds this morning and have said that she can go home and have a few days at home. The problem with that is that Dad was coming to us for lunch but we won't be able to get Mum in ours, with the step and the lack of downstairs loo, so it looks like Dad will have to cook their own dinner. She will have to go back in afterwards. A bit of a good news bad news thing!!!!
Have a nice week 
PS The picture of Hunny was taken by Beth, our budding photographer!!!

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