Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Cheer!!!

On the last morning in Amsterdam we called into a department store and went to the Christmas shop. They had a stunning array of decorations in all sorts of colours. I found a couple which I bought as a souvenir of my time away, but I was also a bit cheeky and snuck a few photos with my iPhone!

Although they were beautiful they were also very very expensive. I loved the pink ones above but at 4 euros plus a bauble, that was one step beyond!!!! 

Things had been going quite well but unfortunately Mum is back in hospital, she has an infection in her wound which has broken down again and causing her a lot of pain. Yesterday they diagnosed MRSA which was a shock as she had been tested for that twice a week for the past three weeks. This has meant that she has been moved to an isolation ward and has been put on IV anti-biotics to try and knock it all on the head. We can visit but we have to wear gloves and aprons and we can't touch anything. On the plus side she has her own room and it has a TV so she can keep up with Emmerdale! I have no idea how long she will be there, fingers crossed she gets well soon.

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suebaru said...

So sorry to hear your mum's back in hospital :( xx