Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our 'usual' eventful Christmas!!

Christmas started well, we had a great afternoon/evening                                          
on Christmas Eve with our friends Tina, Rod, Emma, Stuart, Dan, Kate and Bobbie. We had dinner and settled down to get the weekend off to a great start with a few drinks and some board games. Bobbie wasn't keen on eating her tea, so she spent a fair bit of time trying to avoid eating. When she went up to bed (in Beth's bed) she revealed the true reason she wasn't keen on eating.......she puked all over the place!!! So Christmas eve saw the washing machine pressed into action again with Bobbie excelling herself by actually hitting every bit of bedding!! (quilt, quilt cover, sheet, under blanket, pillow and pillow case) She then felt soooooo much better that she went off to sleep for the rest of the evening!!

I had been on a few Christmas do's in the week before Christmas. One of my favourite nights out is at the Crooked Chimney with Madeline, Sue and Sandra.

Its a bit of a standing joke we book a table there most years and they are always a bit mean with the decorations, so we bring our own. This year we bought hats, crackers, lights, tinsel and beads, our table was very well dressed!!

Christmas day was a nice family affair, Laura came over and we had a nice lunch followed by a visit to see Mum and Dad. Mum has been home from Hospital since Friday and was settling into being back. Dad looked a bit flushed when we saw him, but didn't say anything was wrong. *am Boxing day morning (a big jinx day for us) we had a call from him and he was in great pain from a reoccurring problem with a hernia and obstructed bowel. We ended up in A and E at the QE2. They were very good and got him re hydrated and sorted out the pain before packing him off to the Lister hospital. Meanwhile Mum was at home and took a turn for the worse and we had to call out the emergency Doctor for her. He came along with the district nurse, they examined her and we ended up going to Tesco to get her more medicines. So there went my boxing day !! I ended up sleeping over last night as Mum can't be left alone. I feel exhausted!! Fingers crossed things get sorted for them soon. 


Raymonde said...

Oh dear :( It can only get better. Take care. xxx

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

It's a tough time of year to be sick. One of my friends in long-term care turned 95 last week, and has back issues, much pain, and not doing well.

My empathy to you and yours.

Sue said...

(((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))) sorry - your poor mum really has been though it! Hope she is feeling better soon and you get some rest xxx

Sarah said...

Hope all are better soon xxx