Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cards.

I have tried to be organised this year and make my own Christmas cards. I enjoy making them but always seem to run out of time. So this year I took them with me when we went on our cruise in May and made them then!!

I have quite a lot of Christmas paper and last year in the sales I found the toppers, so it was a construction job with a bit of glitter and ink!!

It was quite easy to do on the ship, the big lounges were empty during the day so Tom and Beth would go off and do something and I would make cards in the corner of the lounge. I started a trend as there were other card makers on board who also joined in! One day we ended up in the middle of a quiz game, which started around us!!!

Mum is still in hospital and now they are having trouble getting a line into her for the drugs. she is pretty fed up but seems OK if you see what I mean. Its a god send having the TV in her room, she can keep up with Emmerdale! I am beginning to think she won't be home for Christmas, but we'll have to see. 

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jean said...

nice cards honey xx