Friday, April 19, 2013


Our forth port of call was Barcelona!!! We arrived to a day of mixed weather. We decided to get an open topped bus and take a look around the city. I last visited a few years ago and really wanted to take a look at The Sagrada Familia, The Roman Catholic Cathedral designed by Gaudi.

I wanted to take a look inside as it is supposed to be breathtaking, unfortunately when we arrived the queue to go in went right the way around the block. So although taking the bus was cheaper, taking a tour with the ship would have got us in the back door, grrrrrrr.

 From the outside it was still pretty special. The cathedral is still not finished despite Gaudi being dead since the 1930's, the entry fee charged goes towards the ongoing work . Some parts are very new and others are being renovated, I don't think it will ever be finished.

In the streets nearby there were some great paving stones with interlocking patterns. Very lovely!

Because there were a huge number of tourists there were a lot of street entertainers, I loved this guy who made the most amazing humongous bubbles!

We stopped for a coffee and then hopped back on the bus for the return journey to the ship, by then it was pouring with rain , we still sat up the top and mainly avoided the wet. 
Earlier in the day we had driven by the central main station and spotted the hoards of taxis, no problems getting getting around the city with that many waiting!!!

Barcelona marked a turning point in the weather, for the rest of the trip it was wet and cold :(

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