Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Productive few weeks.

I have had a productive few weeks, I love it when I have a few projects on the go. Sometimes its great to have a few deadlines to stick to. I have also rediscovered my love of sewing. So it was great to spend a few hours making myself a dress, something I have not done for around 25 years!!  I was amazed that the techniques all came flooding back. I am really pleased with the outcome, I carefully measured to make sure that the fit was good, it is good!! The one measurement I didn't pay too much attention to was the length, so I will need to add a few more inches to it the next time I make one!!! 
On the plus side Beth has fallen in love with it and it looks like she will have the first one!!!

I was also asked to make a couple of personalised gift tags for a friend.. I had fun designing them and I was pleased with the results!!

I also made some pretty little glass angels for another friend. I hope that the friends she intends to give them to likes them. 

Finally last week Beth finally had her long hair chopped off to raise money for Cancer Research. She has donated the hair to another charity called The Little Princess Trust who make the donated hair into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment. Our hairdresser Micheal at Ashley Charles Salon in WGC, offered to do her hair for free. So we went one afternoon last week for the big 'chop'

First of all they had to plait her hair so that they could chop it off without it getting tangled.

Here she is with her hair around a foot shorter!!

Finally she dyed her hair and packaged up the newly chopped off plaits to send to the charity. So far she has raised in excess of £300. Well done Beth and thank you to all our friends and family who have supported her.Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine over the coming Bank Holiday weekend!!

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sue jones said...

Liz That dress is Gorgeous! So are all your other projects- I do wish you would open a shop to sell your beady stuff!
Beth looks Gorgeous with short hair and what a wonderful thing to do.