Sunday, March 09, 2014

Its been a Beautiful Weekend!!

It does now feel like Spring is just around the corner! This past weekend we have had beautiful spring weather, its nearly been warm (well I have swapped my duffle coat for a fleece jacket!!) I popped in to Tesco and they had some lovely strawberries, they smelt wonderful and when I opened the punnet there was this one enormous strawberry the size of a large plum ! Not only did it look nice it was really tasty. Sometimes strawberries out of season taste very bland and watery, but these were summer in a box, gorgeous!!!

Sometimes I despair at the standards of education and understanding around all things mathematical. I do not consider myself to be a maths whizz kid, being a child of the 70's I only managed a grade C 'O level'.
I was surprised to find these great offers in a store in town.

I spoke the shop assistant who was stacking the shelf nearby and asked why she thought that anyone would buy these fantastic deals? She completely missed the point and told me that they were multibuys and would save me money!! I said clearly they wouldn't save me money, but she didn't get it. So I said if I add up three packets of crisps at 32p a packet how much would it cost? she said £1 !!! There is no hope!!

Today we went out to lunch at my Auntie June and Uncle Ed's, Ed is my Dads younger brother. For years I have been interested in my family history and I was really pleased that Uncle Ed had some photos of my Nan and Grandad that I had never seen before. The photo above of my Grandad was taken in 1945 when he was 24 years old, what caught my eye was the similarity to Carl, the cheeks, the eyes even the hairline and style, its quite uncanny. Carl is roughly the same age as this photo as well. The other striking thing that I remember about Grandad was his bright blue eyes. Nan had Hazel eyes, so all of their sons had Hazel eyes. When I was pregnant with Laura and planning in my head how she would look, I did wonder if we might get a blue eyed baby. (Tom has blue eyes and I thought there was an outside chance that I might have inherited a blue gene from Grandad) Anyway Laura turned out to have very dark brown eyes, but when Carl came along he had grandads blue eyes!! They are definitely Grandads colour as they are a different shade to Toms!! We managed to crack the blue eyed gene again with Beth, although her eyes are closer to Toms in colour!

I love looking at the old photos. My memory of Grandad was as an elderly man, so its hard to see a resemblance, looking at this much younger photo is striking. The similarity between my cousins sons and Carl is also quite amazing, so they are all connected on my paternal line!!

I am looking forward to a few days annual leave at the end of this week, plus the delivery of a bookcase for our bedroom. I think that I will have to start Tom on a new task of trying to sort out the mess in the loft, a few hours a day and we might start to be able to see the floor again!!!
Have a great week. 

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