Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year ! Can't believe its so long ago!

Well where did that Christmas break go?? It was so good to have Carl back for the holidays, once he was here it was like he had never been away! Sadly the time flew by and before we knew it he was back off to Hong Kong and the holidays were over. 

We had a good Christmas, met up with loads of friends and family and had some chill time off of work. As always we ended up with far me food than we really needed, every year I seem to get sucked into the huge hype that surrounds the festive season, buy stuff just in case you might need it. The here we are weeks later still finding things we should have eaten ! (I found some double cream pushed to the back of the fridge which was three weeks out of date!!) 

New Years Eve was a bitter sweet affair!! We were looking forward to it so much, its always a great evening, but poor Laura wasn't well, so she didn't make it. Carl was heading off the next day, so that was in the back of my mind. We had a great evening , Grace decided on a Chav themed night, we dressed up as Jeremy Kyle and his audience!!

Madeline looked fantastic with her fake Essex tan and big eyebrows!!!, I had my sports top and false eyelashes.

John and Tom!!

Harry, Beth and Grace with her baby bump.

Carl Alias Jeremy Kyle!!

Getting ready, Beth with her polo top and big hair and make up!!

Midnight arrived and we headed for the garden for our neighbour disturbing 100 shot firework display!!!

At the end of the night we were several bottles of port down, 40 vodka shots and lots of wine and spirits had been disposed of. We had 12 cans of silly string, we used them all!!
A fantastic new year !!

Before we knew it New Years day arrived and we headed for the airport. Carl's luggage was over  the weight limit, so we had to do a bit of sleight of hand to make sure that they didn't weigh his very over weight hand luggage!! 

He is now back in Hong Kong and we have booked a holiday with him in October, I can't stand the thought of not seeing him for such a long time. It makes me appreciate still having the girls near by!!!
Happy Mid January, despite my best efforts I still have not won the lottery, I will have to keep trying :)

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