Saturday, June 11, 2016

Its been a while, must try harder!!

I have no idea where the time goes to, its now June and the last post was in March!! Life has well and truly got in the way !!
To start with we have had a couple of very nice cruises, one to the Fjords with Cruise and Maritime. We traveled with our friends Rick and Dina. It was a bargain priced cruise, buy one get one free. We chose the cheapest inside cabin and thought we would take pot luck. A couple of weeks before the cruise we we sent our cabin numbers only to find that we had been upgraded to an outside cabin and our friends were still in an inside cabin!! We felt this was a little unfair so we very nicely spoke to the company and explained this was their first cruise and that we were trying to encourage them to like the experience, so they upgraded them as well!!!

Leaving Tilbury!

In a small village (consisting of a co op and a church and just about nothing else!!) somewhere in Norway!

We had some fantastic weather and some beautiful scenery to enjoy.

It was good to wake up to the beautiful scenes outside our portholes!!!

We took a trip on the Flam railway, it was expensive much like everything in Norway. It was a regular train used by commuters, I have no idea how they can afford to travel to work ! our carriages had the addition of a guide who was giving us some of the local information, he came from England and was doing the guiding as a summer job!! We travelled high into the mountain and once at the top the train stopped and waited for the Oslo train to arrive before starting the journey back down to the bottom!

I am going to try and get back to blogging to bear with me!!!

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