Friday, June 16, 2006

Another Busy Week..

It has been another busy week charging here there and everywhere. Work has been busy , home has been busy and its not over yet !
Beth is taking her First Holy Communion this weekend and there seems to be a ton of stuff to do with regards to that. We are having a lunch time 'reception' here afterwards and I still haven't done any shopping. It seems very daunting but I will get there. The first problem was trying to get hold of a gazebo so We will have some protection if the weather is unkind, Tried Argos, Homebase,Focus,Woolies, all out of stock. Finally found a couple of the cheap ones at Asda. The garden needs blitzing and the trampoline is going to need to be moved up the side of the house, the chairs need cleaning, I don't think I have enough paper plates, and I forgot to get any pudding bowls, add to that the fact that Sunday is fathers day, my brain is under a great deal of strain!!!
So all I have to do now is all the shopping, clean the house, sort out the garden, do the cooking, and the most awful task of all WASH and BRUSH Beths Hair !!

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Jen said...

Oh dear :( Sounds stressful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and it all goes off swimmingly :)