Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One of those Days.....

Today started off badly and got worse!! I had a 9 o'clock appointment at Tesco's, at the end of the meeting I managed to break my shoe, so luckily because I was in Tesco's I was able to replace buy a new pair, but this put me back time wise. Once I got to my next meeting at 10am I realised that I had left all the paperwork on the customer services desk in Tescos!!
Thank goodness Steph was able to go and collect it for me.
Tonight Beth played netball again and although they played well they were beaten by the other team, 6 - 3 . Why is it that whatever the weather is like everywhere else in the world, that sports pitches are always freezing cold?? We got to net ball in bright shining sun and within ten minutes it had changed to blowing a gale, heavy skies and the threat of rain!
Tom is nearly finished at work, he has just three days left and then he will be a General Motors pensioner, hurrah!! Can't wait until we can get ourselves sorted out financially, with a little over. Bet no bloody double glazing salesmen call now we want to buy some!
Good news as well, the insurance company have agreed to replace the front room carpet, so they are going to come around next week to measure up.

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