Saturday, November 04, 2006

Glorious Autumn Day!!

This morning We walked around to see mum and dad and on the way we spotted these butterflies sunning themselves on a bush at the end of the road. There were loads of insects all buzzing around. I think that they were there as it was a sun trap and they were catching a few rays !!

There seems to be a load of berries around this year, they are quite stunning, the birds will have a feast over winter!


Jen said...

Gosh look at those pics! Gorgeous! I love this weather and this time of year... When ARE we going to meet for coffee? Starbucks are doing Christmassy flavoured ones now, ok??

lyzzydee said...

Jen, I really do want to meet up but I just continually run out of time. I can't comment on your blog anymore, not sure why, I'll be in contact.