Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello !!

How the time is flying, I can't believe how fast the time goes by. Its already Thursday tomorrow and it seems seconds since it was Saturday.
I have had a very busy week, not actually getting home until after 7pm last night. Today we have been trying to sort things out in the office, we packaged up some of the 750 diaries that we need to distribute before the end of the month.
Tomorrow I have more of the same and afternoon appointments which means I won't be able to see Beth playing Netball.
This gets to be hard work !!
I am now worried that I seem to be wasting my life away on my PC, every evening I seem to spent ages on it, doing little else. I am strangely addicted and its not pleasant. Its dark in the evening so I don't feel like getting my craft stuff started, I get interrupted by getting dinner, running baths and general household stuff, I resent doing it but it has to be done.
Laura called me to collect her from work as she felt unwell it seems that although she did feel a bit poorly, she had also had a problem last Friday with her till and they had spoken to her about it. She was not too happy and I think she was embarrassed and upset at her perceived failings, she has brewed on it all weekend and it finally came to a head today when the bus didn't run and she got herself upset. I have had a chat to her about it, and told her that we all make mistakes. I hope she will go back tomorrow and face up to what has happened and move on.
Fingers crossed.
I do worry for her.

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