Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun of a Hot day!

Today Beth has been playing around at Heathers. Really she has been playing with Emma and Sophie. Its quite sad really that they will all be going to different schools next term. On the plus side they all go to Guides so will be able to stay in touch there. The weather has been beautiful today and we a lazy day at home. Once the sun started to go down we had a walk in Moneyhole. I was surprised at the number of people there!!

They are replacing the playground stuff. I suppose that's a sign of me getting old as I think this is the 4th refurbishment since we have lived her. This time they seem to have gone the whole hog and changed everything. In the past they have added to and removed broken stuff. So far it looks as if it might be quite exciting, there is a huge frame which looks like it may be a swing and the area they have fenced off is three times as big as last time. Happy days!!

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