Sunday, May 04, 2008

Had a Busy week

I have no idea where this week has gone, part of it was due to a busy time at work and part of it due to lots going on with the kids at home. Carl is at Cub Camp and although he sorted most stuff out himself, the place was awash with kit. Washing up bowls, blow up bed, sleeping bag, you name it it was all over the place.
Beth is turning into the typical year six child with all the dramas that seem to go on at school in this last term. They really do get to the age where they need to move on!!
Tom has been trying to paint the garden fence for the past week in between rain and working. We are nearly done 5 panels left.
Hunny has been running around taking all the mayhem in her stride.yesterday she took a bold step and jumped onto the trampoline!! Once she had done it the once, she kept on doing it!!
Here she is preparing to launch herself onto the boing boing!!

Beth still loves the trampoline and she talked me into playing on there with her, even got a couple of poses from her!

During the week we have had some heavy rain, I tried to get some action rain shots without much success, it was simply too heavy to get anything worth keeping. While we were replacing the fence I rediscovered the wind ornament that had been hanging on the fence years ago. I washed it and put it back. I love the way it looks shiny and wet against my beautiful new fence!!

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Debbielou said...

You'll have to enter Hunny in "Britain's got talent!"

Tell Tom to hurry up with that fence - I've still got the stick waiting.

Will be glad when all the SAT's are over - hopefully life will return to normal !

Love the wind chime! x