Friday, August 22, 2008

The Theme of the holiday was???????

Before we left we had been made aware that Debbielou's husband had decided to dye his hair blond, this got Carl thinking and he decided to do his as well!!
So we spent a couple of days trying to get the colour right, it started with a definite ginger tinge, not a good look. Eventually three goes later we achieved the blond bombshell look. When we arrived at the port Deb and and Big M were already there, we were in plenty of time and had we have been 5 minutes earlier we would have been able to get the earlier ferry (They had been offered that ferry but kindly waited for us!!)
We had an uneventful journey to France, we drove through Belgium and arrived in Holland early in the evening. We knew that we had crossed the country borders as we kept getting text messages telling us we were in a new country!! On the first night Big M also told us of his plan to change his name and we all agreed to take part in a name swapping event to see if we could help him find a new name!!
The first night we spent time in the playground, it was great full of all the playground equipment that health and safety folk have had removed from all the British parks years ago. There were things that I can remember from my childhood. I have no idea what they are called, Beth had never seen them before but they were as much fun for her as I had remembered!!


Manna said...

NICE! I love that colour! Blond bombshell, like that name too for hair colour!

Debbie Yates said...

So what names did y'all come up with......????
the blonde is cute - is that the look he was going after???

Great memories!

Sue said...

Wow Cool hair!!

Barbara Martin said...

Very nice shade of blond...kinda sexy...

And what are those names you picked? No fair not telling your readers.

suzann said...

I think we all need to know the names to go with that hair! Sounds like you all had a fun time. Love the photo slideshow of your holiday photos!

Katie said...

Wow! Blond bombshell is right!