Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a Happy Face.

Today I had to pop into Hatfield this morning and I was thrilled to find that one of the shops sold Beths school Uniform, the school said it was only the one place in St Albans that had it. So at the end of the day Beth and I went and bought the lot!! The lady in the shop was very helpful, I was anxious to get her the largest size blazer that she could wear without looking daft. (its so expensive to replace every year)
I was quite lucky in that she was able to make use of some hand me down uniform from Carl (mainly PE kit) I had to buy, Blazer, Two blouses, a 'regulation' skirt and trousers, socks and shorts. It came to £98 !!! The lady gave Beth a geometry set which was very nice of her,I still have shoes and trainers to buy.
The strange thing was seeing her all dressed up in a skirt for the first time ever. So just sewing on the labels and sorting out the books .


suebaru said...
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suebaru said...

whoops, too many typos in my previous comment!!
The school uniform shopping certainly isn't cheap! And Beth looks so happy!!

Maureen said...

Beth looks so official! I always think of school shopping as a love/hate kinda thing...love shopping but hate how much it costs!

Debbie Yates said...

"Come on Mum take the picture" - tell Beth she is thinking too loud!!! Noah wears a uniform for karate and I get the same "look" from him.

Debbielou said...

Sam's blazer has got to last him at least 7 years !! Have just finished labelling most of it - a right pain as I know that he will lose it any way.

Beth looks very smart x

Manna said...

Beth looks pretty good in the uniform! Remember when I had to have uniform for school ages ago!

Alexandra said...

She looks ready for school! Good deals, love them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

LuLu said...

Uniforn shopping and then trying it all on, really brings out the excitment in the children !?!?!? She looks really smart and dare I say it . . . grown up !?!?!

Luke's school has recently dropped the prices of their blazers from £54.00 to £34.00 ! ! As he goes up to Year 11 this year, I am desparately trying to make his present blazer last the next year - he just can't grow any more !

Barbara Martin said...

She has a perfect face for the occasion, one that I probably had many years ago when Mother took a photo of me wearing some new outfit.

Katie said...

Ha, Ha! Have seen that face so many times in my house!!
I have to get a new blazer this year for my son. It lasted him for 2 years. I tried my darndest to get it on him for the next term but the sleeves were up to his elbows and he couldn't move his arms LOLOL!!


Kim Marie said...

now if that isn't the perfect "I can't believe school is almost here" puppy face I have ever seen! (I feel the pain!)

Glad you were able to get everything you needed!
Kim Marie