Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Red Nose Day.

Well its Red Nose Day again, Last night we went into the Saver Centre in London Colney and picked up a few noses and a couple of T shirts. Carl is spending the afternoon at Panshanger School where he will be starring in a duet with Mrs Holt, some of the other teachers will be the backing singers!!
I am heading into the frozen North to see my friend Jen in Edinburgh, we are being joined by Shirleen who is jetting in from Southampton International Airport. We seem to have picked the same weekend as an International Rugby match, so the place will be buzzing!!
It is my first ever visit to Scotland!!


suzann said...

Love the nose!! What is Red Nose Day? Have a great time in Edinburgh!!

Manna said...

Yah, what's Red Nose Day? Have fun in Scotland!

Raymonde said...

Enjoy your days away! Look forward to hear how much fun you had. Lots of hugs and

Debbielou said...

Love the hair ! I feel a theme coming on for the hols !!!!
Have a great time up North xx

Maureen said...

Whatever the red nose day is - it makes me laugh!!! LOL And have a good time in Scotland!