Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Week Flies By!!!!

I know they say that time flies as you get older, but I really don't know where this week has gone. The days of me whiling away the hours at work have been replaced by the days whizzing by with no time to get the day job done let alone try and sort out the house and the shopping and everything. Its a massive game of catch up.
This week because I am not busy enough I have been doing battle with the Government Direct Web site. They have the most complicated unfriendly web site in the world. We have been trying to enter details for Carl's Uni loan and maintenance grant. He has filled in his bit, but we have to fill in another part to link into his claim as part is means tested. So I have his fifteen digit 'alias' and I register and get my own 'alias' another fifteen digit number, which spookily is similar to his.
I start the process. No where at the start of this does it tell you that you will need an array of personal documents to glean info from and ultimately send in to them. So you start the first page, get towards the bottom and they ask for your P60, so I go and get that return to find the session timed out and the stuff already entered has been lost. So I start again and they ask for family tax credit info, find that return to another timed out and another start again. This goes on as they ask for family allowance details by this time I am ready to drop kick the whole lot out the window. I want blood!! The upshot is that I still haven't got to the end and I have the prospect of doing the whole lot again for Tom.
On the plus side Carl has received an offer for Middlesex University, so as the entrance criteria is less it would make a good back up. We are hoping to hear from Herts in the very near future, we know that they had loads of applicants, but decisions have to be made about first and second choices by the end of the month. Fingers Crossed.

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