Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Scotland Visit - Bothwell Castle,

Last Saturday afternoon we visited the remains of Bothwell Castle near Glasgow. This is an ancient abode from the 13th century, stone built and sturdy, quite a magnificent building. The day that we visited it seemed to be possibly the windiest day of the year so far!!
Quite a lot of the castle was accessible, so Jen and I climbed up to the top of the high tower and looked out over the river Clyde, it was a breath taking view and a really scary climb up a narrow staircase with only a wobbly rope to hold on to. Once we were at the top it felt like we were in danger of being blown off into the river below. It was a fantastic experience, An early middle ages scary ride!!!!
I love looking around these places, I like to imagine the life that people who lived there had. I was pleased to learn that the people who lived there (Alternatively English and Scottish depending on who won the last battle) had toilets of sorts. It was a hole in the wall of the castle with a primitive hole in a plank of wood, and a long drop to the outside!!! - Nice.

View out of one of the high 'windows' You can just make out the river in the bottom by the trees.

The outside of the 'Donjon' which was a tower where the important folk lived.

View from the grand dining room across to the remains of the prison tower.


Katie said...

Fab photographs Lyzzy. I love visiting castles too.


debra said...

These are great photos, Lyzzy. Thanks for posting them.

Lauren said...

I have never been to Scotland, but your pictures are making me want to find the time (and cash) to visit it sometime. Just beautiful!