Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hunny in Spring!!

The weather has been very nice for the past few days, with warm days and lots of sun, today its on the turn and its really chilly and the forecast is rain with Thunder!! I took this photo over the weekend. Hunny, our dog, has been a member of the family for 4 years now and she is 6 years old. She is a great dog, a bit of a scaredy cat with loud noises, but she is brave most of the time!!
She is a bit of a digger and over the winter she has snuck behind the trampoline and has dug a huge hole at the edge of the lawn, we will need to get that sorted out!
She likes the warm days and went outside for a bask in the sunshine.
As always this week is flying by, Beth has a sore throat and is under the weather. The rest of us are carrying on. Carl has accepted Middlesex University as his first choice with St Marys as his insurance choice, all the loan paperwork has gone off, just have to hope that his A level results are what he is expecting. Have a nice day!!!


Manna said...

Beautiful doggie you have there! I'm so jealous!

GlitteryKatie said...

Awww bless her!!!
willow loves to sunbathe!

Katie said...

How cute is Hunny! Our Milly is afraid of loud noises too. She also likes to bask in the sunshine. She has certain 'sun spots' she moves to during the day. In nearly all of them she has dug herself a cosy little groove, not too deep, not too shallow but just right for taking the sun and just right for twisting your ankle in as I have found to my cost on many occasions!! It's a good job we love her to bits!