Monday, March 23, 2009

My Town Monday - Views from Edinburgh.

Last weekend I took my first ever trip to Scotland. I had a great weekend, good friends and good times!! We walked miles (as confirmed by my pedometer!!)
I though for this post I would share a few shots with you. Above is a piper who you could hear all down the Royal Mile, a traditional sound of Scotland! (he seemed to be collecting a reasonable amount of cash as well!!)

I loved the houses on the hill. They were fairly similar to houses we saw last year in Amsterdam, tall and narrow. The shot above was taken from the world famous Princes street.

These two photos were taken while waiting for a bus!! The sun was peeping through the clouds turning the buildings into silhouettes, the top one has Edinburgh Castle on the right.


debra said...

I love the haunting sound of bagpipes.I am always moved by them. Some day I shall travel across the Pond to the UK.

Jenn Jilks said...

Beautiful shots!

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing these incredible photos. I'm drawn to that part of the world regularly. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Scotland!! I'd love to visit there one day! Your photos are beautiful.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog I love receiving them!

Manna said...

Gorgeous photos as always!

Barbara Martin said...

Love Scotland, but then I have roots that come from there! Every time I see photos of Edinburgh I want another trip there. Beautiful places in the highlands.

Wendy said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Have a great day!

Reb said...

Beautiful photos. My dad learned to play the bagpipes at 50ish and yes, you can hear them for miles. Where you don't want to be is behind him, helping tune the drones ;) No, we are Swedish.

suzann said...

I love Edinburgh! We went there for our Honeymoon and have been back about 3 times! Your pictures are wonderful and make me want to go back, again.

By the've been tagged {don't worry, it's easy!} Check out my blog for details!!

Katie said...

fabulous photgraphs Lyzzy.