Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Nose Day - An Explanation.

I have a lot of readers who don't understand what Red Nose Day is, so I am going to explain!!
A number of years ago a group of British comedians decided to get involved in fund raising. This was initially in response to a famine in Africa. they decided to pick a theme and stage shows and get everyone involved. Someone hit upon the idea of wearing a red nose, and that idea took off. The whole build up to Red Nose Day or Comic Relief as its also known, takes place in the month leading up to the event. The idea is to do something funny for money. Its been adopted in a big way by schools and work places and now the shows on TV run over virtually the whole of the weekend.
The red noses appear on cars, buildings and all sorts of places. Its a great excuse to dress up and look silly!
This year so far they have raised a whopping 59 million pounds for good causes both at home and abroad. Go and check out their Web Site.


Manna said...

How cool is that!!! 59 Million pounds? Thanks for the info!

suzann said...

I am so glad you explained this, but I was totally clueless. What a great event!