Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Flower Week to me!!

There is a definite advantage to being away for your birthday, and that is that you continue to get gifts long after your birthday has drifted into a memory!!
This past week I have had some beautiful pink roses and carnations from Debbielou and Tarzan, Debs also very thoughtfully gave me a very unique present of a Basil Brush toy with a Vick's inhaler, I can't wait to Vick the Fox!!!!
On Wednesday night I went out with Madeline, Sue and Sandra. I was on the receiving end of a Happy Birthday balloon, Three bunches of cream, yellow and orange roses, a new hand bag, some smellies and a really bright Kath Kitson Star purse (which is gorgeous!!)
Just when I though it was all over yesterday the flowers above arrived from Rod and Tina and their family. I have been truly spoilt!!


debra said...

Lovely flowers! Happy belated birthday.

Katie said...

Gorgeous flowers, lucky you!


Debbie Yates said...

Lucky you...such gorgeous flowers...don't you just love celebraying for weeks...i sure do!

Wendy said...

Beautiful flowers! I am famous for stretching my birthday out for many days ;) Sounds like I am not the only one!

Have a great day!