Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Old????

Well yesterday Carl went for his interview at Herts University and came back not as buoyant as when he went to the previous Uni, but I think it might be down to the fact that this is the place he wants so he is worried that he may miss out. He said he felt it all went well although they asked far more questions than he was expecting. He liked the place and out of the whole lot being interviewed there were only 3 males. So its fingers crossed that he gets what he wants.
Last night he went out to cubs, where he is a leader, although a day late they decided to cook pan cakes with the cubs. Once they had made the batter they realised that they had run out of matches so Carl popped out to buy some more. He was shocked to be asked for identification before he could buy them!! The thing is he is around 6ft 2ins tall and broad with it, he doesn't look young!! He didn't have any ID so they wouldn't sell to him!!! I just hope the shop is as conscientious when they sell alcohol!


Debbielou said...

Must have been the cub uniform !!
Fingers crossed for a UNI place x

Raymonde said...

That is funny,remind me of a peculiar episode which happened to Colin whilst in Austin Texas, they also asked him for proof of identity last year in a bar!! He had none and his colleage either, so they drank soft drinks!! I knew I had a toy boy it had been confirmed!! lol

LuLu said...

Fingers crossed for the Uni placement - I'm sure he'll get in. We're going through the 6th Form College interviews at the moment - we're more frazzled then Luke! He's so laid back he could be horizontal !

suzann said...

What a very funny story! Best of luck with the job placement.

Katie said...

This made me smile. It happens to my 3rd son all the time. He is 22 years of age, 5ft 11 inches tall and 'big boned' shall we say? He is always being asked for ID. I do hope Carl gets the uni he wants. I am so glad all that trauma is over.... well for a few years anyway. We've just gone through the 'options' choice nightmare!


Jen said...

Fingers crossed! And how could I miss your birthday?!? Lots of love xxx