Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On My Holidays!!!

Yesterday we travelled north to Sunderland, we had a good journey, very little traffic and no jams, perfect!! We arrived before lunch and checked into our B and B, Its quite nice apart from last night, we were all tired and went to bed at 11pm, unfortunately we seemed to be next door to a trainee Eric Clapton, who could only play a single chord over and over again. In the end we resorted to banging the wall, as did other guests!! This morning we mentioned it at breakfast and asked for a room move. They have assured us that it won't happen tonight which makes me think that the trainee has a connection to the owner of the accommodation. If it happens tonight I'll be phoning them to complain while it is happening!!!
Yesterday we went to the beach at Sunderland it was unseasonably warm didn't even need a coat, which on a beach in the north east is not likely even in the height of summer!! We had dinner at a bargain Italian Restaurant, two course for Five quid each!! The food was excellent and I think we might go there again!!
Today we were up early, after breakfast we drove over to Stanley to take a look at the church yard where the Gill brothers are buried. We then headed down to Beamish Museum, which was another bargain reduced entrance price of £5 each. We had a good look around there including underground in a coal mine.
In the afternoon we looked around the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, that was a free show and we really enjoyed it, we saw glass blowing and all sorts of glass educational exhibits. We looked out over the river Wear, which involved walking on a glass roof, all very scary, you could see three floors below !! I found myself walking on the edges, as they felt safer!! Beth thought it was great and she was happy running and jumping we were able to take photos from inside from reclining sofas!!
Tonight we are deciding if we should save some more money and go back to the Italian!!
What will we do tomorrow?? I fancy going to Bamburgh Castle , and as its my Birthday perhaps I'll get my way!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lovely
See you when you get back from your travels..

Raymonde said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Lyzzydee!! Have a super time and hope you get your way throughout the day!!! Lots of love and kisses. xxxxxx