Saturday, February 21, 2009


We arrived home around 6.30pm. We have had a nice couple of days away and a reasonable journey on the way back, although there were a fair few traffic jams all the way home. We took our new car Fanny and she has this neat little display that tells you how many miles you get to the gallon of diesel. It becomes very important to keep your eye on that and try and get the MPG up as high as you can. Today we actually managed to get it to 56 MPG and were very pleased with ourselves. Unfortunately the traffic ground to a halt and ten minutes crawling along bought it down to 52. How sad is that???
I think now I am a year older that I am having the start of a mid life crisis. I feel its only right that I do even if its only to keep up with Debbielou's husband (he is having a monkey based mid life crisis, we even had a Tarzan recording on my voicemail today!!!)So we called into DFS in Sunderland to take a look at the sofas. The theory behind this was that Tom and I never seem to be in the same place at the same time, so we were going to take a look and order from home. As it turned out we found a suite that we liked and we decided to see if we could get it in a non standard colour, we got chatting to the salesman, who said we could order from them and it would be delivered from our local store. So after a lot of sitting around we ordered the suite and chatted the salesman into giving us a few extras such as a lifetimes supply of cleaning stuff (possibly only one bottle, I don't clean my furniture too often!!!) So now as as result of a HUGE impulse buy we have some new sofas arriving sometime in May, special order .
Once we arrived home I had loads of cards and presents to open, I have been very lucky this year, Tom and Beth bought me a gold locket, Carl gave me a green Ipod (to be known as a pea pod from now on!!) Mum and Dad gave me money, I got a key ring digital photo frame from Steph and a few bottles of port (Mmmm)Fran and Pete sent me a beautiful sparkly necklace (Thanks) I've been very lucky!!

While we were away I took a fair few photos, (hard to believe, I know!!) The first evening we went into Newcastle and took some photos of the Millennium Bridge, its particularly nice at night as the colours are constantly changing.

We went down to Marsden Rock and was surprised to see it was no longer an arch!! The sea has taken its toll and its now a big rock and a lot of smaller pieces. On chatting to some of the locals, its been gone a few years, so we are miles behind the times!!

I really love this photo of Beth, she is standing on a piece of 'public Art' (a collection of halved spheres representing the phases of the moon and the effects that the moon has on the tides) I like the bright colour of the rocks and the contrast of the colours of the light house and the dead calm sea!!


Sue said...

Some Lovely photos! Glad you had a good time AND a lovely birthday.
I keep putting off the sofa thing but we really need new sofas too :)

Manna said...

Beautiful photos as usual! TFS!

debra said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Glad your trip was a good one. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Louise Forsyth said...

Great pictures, lovely one of Beth. Glad you had a nice holiday!!!

Debbielou said...

Glad that you had a good day and liked the "Tarzan -o - gram !

Great photos too !


domestic goddess said...

happy belated birthday hunny!!!